10 to 1 Block Sesh

The Scene:  66° Hazy – Southpaw– 10/5/21

Wee Man

Wee Man, Sharpie, Dipstick, Nurse Jackie, Hope, Night Light, Pom Pom

I’m not a professional / You haven’t paid to be here/ Push hard when you can/ Take care of yourself


10 forward arm circles – 4CT IC

10 reverse arm circles – 4CT IC

10 Forward Arm Clap – 4CT IC

Hip stretch 1 minute

The Thang:

Start with 10 reps.  Each round drop by 1 (10 to 1).

10 per side lunges w/coupon

10 per arm lawnmowers

10 deadlifts

10 derkins

10 coupon swings

10 BBSU with block on chest

after even rounds: run across parking lot and back (400 yards)

after odd rounds: 20 yard murder bunny and back (Hopes first time doing Murder Bunnies!)

Moleskine:  Good time at Southpaw! Remember to embrace change when it is needed. Be open minded and listen to things others have to say. Assume you don’t know everything and that other people can have ideas that are better than your own. Take time to talk to people. Slow down. Don’t be in a rush. Embrace conversation with fellow beings and especially fellow Christians. Ask how you can pray for your friends and family. Build impactful relationships. This is more than just a workout group.

Thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me to lead you, I enjoyed it very much.  

Kudos to Dipstick for completing workout!


BOM – Wee Man


October 17th – Sharpie 2nd F Event – Hot Dog and Salt Potatoes with Axe Throwing

October 30th – The Reaper at Scrooge

Prayer requests: 

Dubose family – Covid

House of Hope village – praise



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