Dipstick’s Bday Q

Conditions: 58F and Cool like the other side of the pillow that some Pax choose to hang on to this morning in the Fartsack.

Pax: Dipstick (QIC), WeeMan, Periscope, Nurse Jackie, Mudfish, Bronco, Bunker, Frodo, Belding, Screech, Big Hurt, Breadstick



SSH IC – 30ish (lost count waiting on Breadstick to join us)

Low Slow Squat IC- x10

Freddie Mercuries IC x34

Mosey over to Dipstick’s Play Ground of Pain

Stations in order of rotation:

Wall Build- move wall (12 cinder blocks) 10 yards to other cones – Timer

Box cutters/American Hammers

Over head pill press- Pill

Log flip – to cone and back then repeat

KB swing (36lb)

Jump rope

Curls – 30lb DB

Agility ladder – high knees

Freddie Mercuries/AB work with 30lb slam ball

Bear crawl with pill to the cone and back and repeat

Goblet squats (54lb KB)

Slam Ball throw- Thruster then throw ball up

AMRAP until Pax on wall build has moved the wall, then rotate. You vs you.

Time called with a few mins to spare.

Just enough time for some more Freddie Mercuries IC x33



The Reaper on 10/30

5am Ruck start

6am Run start

The Highland Olympics coming soon date TBD

Frodo passed the Spirt stick to Bunker. Well deserved.

Prayer Requests

Thrillers daughter Leslie

Bunkers daughter Abby

Screech and their move to Greenville

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