Boucher Coupon Q


Conditions:  64 and clear

QIC: Boucher

Pax: Belding, Thriller, Chilla, Big Worm, Web

Warm up:

Mosey to get coupon
SSH x20 IC


Squat x15 OYO
2 laps Hoppa’s yard

Grab coupons and slowsey to Hoppa’s Yard

The Thang:

One side to other (short side) coupon overhead walking lunges (20 each leg)

One lap

40 dead lifts

Rifle carry lap

40 coupon Squats

One lap

10 burpees

Rifle carry lap

40 squrls

One lap

40 big boys

Rifle carry
40 coupon thrusters

Coupon carry to circle

Overhead press to fail IC

Coupon carry to return coupons


Prayer: All our brothers, Belding family reclaiming worshipers, Thriller daughter, Chilla knee, Big Worm family

Praise: reclaiming worshipers!

Announcements: Reaper Oct 30th, IPC Thursday

BOM – Prayed out by Boucher.


Enjoyed every minute!  Thank you guys for letting me Q! May the Lord be with us and call a brother to catch up, encourage, or collaborate.

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