Dipstick’s Southpaw take over of Rumble Part 1

Conditions: Cool and crisp

PAX: Dipstick (QIC), Big Hurt, Frodo, Sharpie, YoGi, Bunker, Knobby, WeeMan


Warm up:

SSH IC x25

Imperial Walkers IC x10

Through the Tunnel IC x12

Freddie Mercuries ICx33

The Thang

Grab a Pill and mosey around to the start of side road.

Bear crawl pushing your pill. Every time your hand comes off the ground touch the pill. Bear crawl to the next light pole.

1st Light pole

American Hammers OYO 2 count x 50

Bear Crawl to the next pole

2nd light pole

Rebel Curls OYO x50

Bear Crawl to the next pole

3rd light pole

Goblet Squat OYO x50

Bear Crawl to the next pole

4th light pole

Flutter kicks with Pill raised up OYO x50 2 count

Bear Crawl to the next pole

5th light pole

Thrusters OYO x50

Plank for the 6.

Go to entrance to road. Crab walk with pill in lap down the hill and Bear crawl back up pushing pill. Head back to the light pole.

Flip it and repeat with Crab walk in between poles. Time running out so over head carry back to start.



Q4 of the Q Calendar is live so get to signing up!!

The Reaper is set for Saturday 10/30 get ready!

Highland Olympics is coming soon so stay tuned!


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