Boucher Q 9/20/2021


Conditions:  Breezy and Nice

QIC: Boucher

Pax: Pinto, Belding, Ginger, Tugboat, Tinderspice, Chilla

Warm up:

Mosey to get coupon
SSH x30 IC
4 laps Hoppa’s yard

Grab coupons and slowsey to picnic tables

The Thang:

40 coupon overhead walking lunges (20 each leg)
40 dead lifts
40 coupon step ups (20 each leg)
40 dips
40 decline merkins
40 big boys
20 burpess
20 box jumps
20 coupon thrusters
10 pull ups

Couple of 10 counts in there….

Slowsey to return coupons


Prayer: All our brothers, Bunker’s Daughter

Praise: reclaiming worshipers! Event this weekend for youth and many came forward to the Lord! Belding’s son church in Cali reclaimed 8 worshipers!

Announcements: 2.0 Southpaw, Reaper Oct 23, IPC Thursday

BOM – Prayed out by Boucher.


Boucher screwed up and missed the nameorama and countorama beginning of COT. Thanks Ginger for the subtle hint.

Enjoyed every minute!  Thank you guys for letting me Q! May the Lord be with us and call a brother that you haven’t talked to recently.

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