Remembering 9/11 Southpaw Style

Conditions: 54F nice and cool like the other side of the pillow that other PAX chose to embrace this morning instead of getting better.

PAX: Kimchi, Geppetto, Teamster, Dipstick (QIC)

Warm up

SSH – IC 20

Arm circles

10 forward IC

10 Backward IC

10 over head claps IC

10 forward claps IC

Low slow squats IC – 10

Freddie Mercuries IC – 20

The Thang

The step challenge is done every year by people all over the world to honor and remember the first responders during 9/11.

2071 steps in the World Trade Center were climbed by first responders. We do it a little different at Southpaw. 2071 feet of Bear crawls

Grab a pill

With your pill:

Mosey to goal line. Start at goal line. Go to other goal line.

Bear Crawls pushing the pill (each time your hand comes off the ground touch the pill)

At each end:

Rebel Curls OYO x9

American Hammers OYO 2 count x11

Bear crawl the length of the field 7 times. (2100ft)

Grab your pill and head back to start.


2996 people died and 25,000 were injured during the attack on 9/11. Many others have their lives during the War on Terror. They are gone but not forgotten. Always remember.



Fun Ruck today at 4pm at Royall Elementry.

Prayer Requests:

All those being effected by Covid.

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