Premurder Bunny Roulette

Rounded Corner 19mm Red Dice

AO: Scrooge

Pax: Dora, Chilla, Big Hurt, Tender Spice, Pinto, Web(QIC)


SSH (8x)

Merkins (8x)

Through the Tunnels (9x)

Hello Dollies (8x)

Mountain Climbers (8x)

Little Arm Circles (16x) forward and reverse

Big Arm Circles (8x) forward and reverse

Imperial Walkers (8x)

The Thang:

Carry block to start of 4 Corners

4 Corners with block (6 inches for the six, and then a lap around Hopper’s Yard):

1. 16 Russian Twists with block at each corner, carry block above head on the long ways and Murder Bunny the short side

Intermission of Roulette (get a number of times to rerun the random number generator from one of the PAX (1 to 10) then roll and see what the exercise will be).

  • 1 minute 20 seconds of 6 inches
  • 2 lap jailbreak

2. 16 Goblet Squats with block at each corner, carry block above head or at wherever needed on the long ways, Reverse murder Bunny the first short side and normal Murder Bunny the last short side

Gravity Stretch


Prayer Requests:

  • Kimchi’s family with the loss of his mother
  • Tender Spice and those working at schools that things might continue to go well
  • Bunker’s daughter
  • Emma Pierce with her cancer that has returned
  • Thriller’s daughter
  • Covid delta variant
  • Ragnar race runners


  • MARCH event tomorrow evening/night


Today, we got to experience the Reverse Murder Bunny before tomorrow’s IPC workout. We had some fun with the blocks and tiring out our arms before tomorrow. After finding out just how difficult the Reverse Murder Bunny is, I think it may have been a good idea to fartsack this morning. However, I look forward to seeing how things go.

Tender Spice was doing quite well with the block workout and was giving me a run for my money. During the workout, Dora let me know that he and I were both doing Sumo Squats as our Goblet Squats which I found to be quite interesting.

Thank you for letting me Q. I look forward to seeing how many of those present today come out and do the grueling IPC tomorrow. Have a blessed day!

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