Metal Monday Mayhem



Pax: Bridesmaid, Bunker, Dipstick, Frodo, Sharpie, Wee Man, Paycheck (QIC)


Warmup (in cadence):

-Prisoner Squats x 10

-Forward Claps x10

-High Knees x20

-It’s Monday, y’all look too serious; Richard Simmons (Forward Claps and High Knees) x10

-Big Arm Circles + reverse

Pax grabbed the nice toys and moseyed across the playground to begin the thang.

The Thang:

Each Brick Platform is a station.

Lynchpin/rotation:Furthest man from the playground runs to bike rack, turns around, runs to monkey bars for pullups and dead hangs after out of pullup gas, waiting for the next runner. Rotation is achieved by moving down to the next station when the runner arrives on the playground.


-Rogue Stubby Axle deadlifts w 2 45 lb plates total.

-50lb kettlebell: single arm step up, face center of platform (a): Left hand carry, right hand step; step down; (b): kettlebell swing (c): right hand carry with left foot step up/step down; back to middle for kettlebell swing; rinse and repeat

-Sandbag platform squats

-Overhead dumbbell press

-20lb plank drag: Plank position, weight under right shoulder, left hand curl grip, move weight to under left shoulder; repeat vice versa.

-Dumbbell woodchopper

-Dumbbell curl

-Sandbag step ups

-Sandbag farmers cary to curb and back

10 minutes left: recover.

-High knees

-Mosey to lightpole, jailbreak to lighpole x6. High knees every 2 jailbreaks.

On the line (stop sign): Dowhill Hand-Release Merkins, in cadencex10 (Slap ground on 3)

Mosey to coupons, take to launchpad.




Announcements: IronPax is coming! Sign up!

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