Paycheck Pilates*

* Highly Unorthodox; 0.00% Pilates. Chosen solely for phonetic purposes


AO: Scrooge

PAX: Tendie Spice, Pinto, Belding, Tugboat, Bunker, Ginger, Paycheck (QIC)

Conditions: Mild, Muggy, Conducive for Acceleration

Mileage: ~3mi



  • Big Arm Circles & Reverse x 10
  • Forward Claps x 10
  • Overhead Claps x 10
  • High Knees x 10
  • Richard Simmons x 10
    • NEW MOVE ALERT: “Richard Simmons” (Simultaneous: Forward Claps + High Knees)x10. 80’s beatbox optional.
  • Mosey to Baseball field (had to use the far gate, as some prankster tested out  the chain and lock on the close gate). Pax Assemble First Base Foul Pole.
  • 10 Burpees.
  • 3 Foul Poles.
    • “Foul Pole”, defined:
      • Jog to other foul pole and back, along the fence = 1.
    • Leading Pax all circle back and finish 3 Foul Poles as a unit. #ShieldLock.
  • 30 Count Low Plank Recovery.
  • 10 Burpees. 
  • Mosey to Picnic Tables…



    • Super Duper Sets: “Six and Tens”, 3 Rounds.
      • 1 Round, defined:
        • -Split-Grip Pullups (“3 & 3”) + 10 Box Jumps.
        • -Split-Grip Pullups (“3 & 3”) + 10 Dips.
        • -Split- Grip Pullups (“3 & 3”)+ 10 Incline Chest-Bump Merkins
      • Split-Grip “3 & 3”, defined:
        • -Split-Grip Pullups: 
          • -Pullup Grip for one hand; other hand with Chinup Grip, 3 reps.
          • Switch grips, 3 reps.
          • Jump-up acceptable; pause at peak, slow negatives
      • Mosey to First Base Foul Pole.
      • Indian Run to Third Base Foul Pole.
      • Indian Run to Center Field.
    • Halt. 10 Count High Plank.
    • 10 Chest Bump Hand Release Merkins, in cadence.
    • 10 Plank Jacks
      • Indian Run to First Base Foul Pole.


  • 30 Second Low Plank
  • Mountain Climbers x 10
  • NEW MOVE?  HANDS TO HEAVEN : High Plank, Right hand to left hip pocket, right hand to full extend to sky, chin point to hand, then switch and perform with other hand. x10 each side, in cadence.

-Mosey to the First Base Bleachers.

    • Pax Break in two 2 groups.
      • A) 10 Prisoner Squats
      • B): 20 Chest bump Incline Merkins. “Chest bump that bench! …AS IN SEAT! Where you sit! FOR SITTING”, reverse.
  • Mosey to Playground…



  • 3 Rounds (10+20 = 1 round):
    • 10 Australian Pullups
    • 20 Bench Step-ups. (Step on that bench!)
    • Australian Pullup, executed with a swingset, Defined: Stand. Grab swing, pull tight. Walk feet fowards to achieve a 45 degree angle. Pull yourself up as close to 90 degrees as possible, squeezing shoulder blades tight, pause, lower slowly back to 45:

Image 8-7-21 at 12.17 PM




  • Mosey to First Base Foul Pole.
  • Halt at Bleachers. We got too serious.
    • Richard Simmons x 10 in cadence; resume mosey.
  • Prisoner Squats to Lightpole (8 fence panels).
  • Bear Crawl to Lightpole (8 fence panels)/Center Field.
  • Mosey to Next Light Pole, JAILBREAK TO NEXT LIGHTPOLE, Mosey to First Base Foul Pole.
  • 10 Second High Plank.
  • Fartlek Back: Lighpoles as makers: Mosey, Jailbreak, Mosey, Jailbreak, Mosey.
  • 30 second High Plank.
  • Diagonal Mountain Climbers x 10: Right Knee, Left Chest/ Left Knee, Right Chest.
  • Mosey to Launchpad.


BOM: Ginger


Moleskine:  It is always an honor to lead Pax in a workout. It stirs up something good in me and makes me a better man.

Pushing hard and mixing it up or breaking up work in to small sprints makes you not realize how much can be accomplished. We ran 3 around miles today. CHALLENGE: Translate that into life. Break things into small sprints, go hard, work hard, and then note the accomplishments when you add up the many small victories. Celebrate them.

CHALLENGE 2: Read this and bookmark the index:

CHALLENGE 3: Reach out to a Pax.



3 mile School Supply Ruck tonight at 7 from Syrup (Maple Park) to Rumble (Royall ES). Bring some school supplies. Fun fact: Ticanderogas make teachers happy or other well-made pencils (teachers enjoy sharpening those other brands as the lead is broken or they clog the sharpener).CCF033FD-8041-4CAC-AD76-B28880228CEC

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