2.0 Workout! Mario Mini Games


AO: Scrooge

Conditions: 7AM Summer, SC 29501

Pax: Kimchi, MacGyver, Tendie Spice, Squatter +2.0s, Tugboat + FNG(Dinghy…WELCOME), Night Light + 2.0s, Pinto, Periscope + 2.0s, Gepetto, Paycheck (QIC)

-21 Pax total.



Forward Arm circles x 10

Reverse Arm circles x 10

High Knees x 20

Side Straddle Hops x 20

1 lap with dad around Da Hoppas Yard.

Mosey to playground.


Dads: Choose either a bench or a swing, then advance to the other after 10 reps.

3 rounds each:

– 10 Box Jumps (3 total rounds).

– 10 Australian Pullups (3 total rounds).

2.0’s: …Count for dad, try the exercise, or playground time.

The Thang:


Mario Mini Games!


Mosey to baseball field

Everyone stand back to the fence, pair into Pax with 2.0’s and Pax without 2.0’s.

—Group A: Pax with 2.0’s…

…Pax with 2.0’s Break evenly as possible into 2 teams for ultimate frisbee. For every point scored, the other team does 10 burpees.

—Group B: Solo Pax…

…Bombs Away: From the fabled origins on a tennis court with King and some friends, Bombs Away is a game in which the object is to have the least number of balls on your side when time is up. Someone counts down from 50, and it’s you versus the other side, running down the balls thrown across the line to throw across for the opponent to retrieve and throw back at you. When time is up, whoever has more of the bulk order of pressureless tennis practice balls on their side does 10 burpees!

At 7:20, QIC decided it would be helpful to keep track of time by requiring everyone present to complete 10 burpees every 10 minutes.

Group A: is doing great, carry on!

Group B: mosey to the next station for…


Line up, stand ~15 yards from the Lowes bucket. Man at the front of the line gets two smedium pigskin football shots at the bucket. If you hit it, other pax do 10 burpees; if you make it: they do 20 burpees. After completing the throws, prisoner lunges to the fence and back for another chance. Rinse and repeat. After 5 minutes, pax were instructed to switch to bear crawls as the movement.

7:30: 10 burpees, everybody!

—Group A: assemble at the lightpole behind the frisbee endzone/third base line for lunges to the fence and back while I check in on group B.

—Group B is instructed to mosey over to behind 3rd base for football drills. Line up behind the former frisbee endzone to pass to a single runner. Runner jailbreaks approximately 30 yards to catch the pass. If the pass is not completed, ten burpees for the passer and runner. 10 Merkins after returning to the line.

—Group B: Bombs Away while Group A does football drill.


—2.0’s versus Pax Soccer

4 Pax play agains all 2.0’s in soccer. Pax off the field buddy up to perform 100 merkins and 100 squats collectively. Subs eligible upon completion (sub that came from field to do 50 squats and merkins) 5 burpees for team scored upon.

7:45: Mosey to picnic tables! …2.0’s keep going (Mosey to playground for playground time)!

—Picnic Table Semi-Superset—

3 Rounds:

-Split-Grip Pullups 3×3 (example- left hand pullup grip, right hand chinup grip x3, then reverse). Slow negatives on the way down encouraged.

3 reps each direction = 1 set.

-10 box jumps

Total: 18 pullups, 30 box jumps.


2.0’s vs Dads!

Moleskine: Summer has abruptly has come to an end for many, with a new school year gauntlet beckoning Monday Morning. I did my best to mix work with play and saw many opportunities for dads to bond with their kids outside, doing activities typically done in a school setting, or without parents.

My hope is that this 2.0 event offered great recreation, with hard work interspersed, to set the tone for a fun weekend, and a memorable close to Summer. As easy as it is to do, we all get into our comfort zones and forget how easy outdoor recreation be. Most importantly, we can forget how easily it is to achieve a great moment, with a child especially, that both shakes out the creases of a well-settled routine, but also offers new territory regarding having fun.

CHALLENGE: Get the nearest ball and five-ten minutes of play in. Invent a game, see how many times you can catch a ball together without dropping it with someone, etc: get outside and get some recreation; mix it up!





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