A ‘lil Friction


Conditions:  Clear

QIC: Boucher

Pax: Big Hurt, Pinto, FNG (MacGyver), Big Worm, Belding, Pinto, MacGyver, Bunker, Gepetto, Paycheck, Spirit Fingers, Flanders, BillyHo, Kimchi, Dipstick, Air Head

Warm up:

Merkin IC x10
Squat OYO x15
Plank while one Pax does 2 Burpess around circle

Mosey to Sidewalk past Picnic Tables

The thang:

Indian Run to Sneed basketball court

5 supersets – run short length of court between each exercise

Superset 1 – 15 jump squats/15 burpess

Repeat 5 times

Superset 2 – 15 Carolina Dry docks/15 lunges (7.5 per leg)

Repeat 5 times

Superset 3 – 10 Box jumps/10 merkins

Repeat 5 time

Superset 4 – 10 dips/10 flutter kicks (4count)

Repeat 5 times

Indian run back to green wall

1 minute wall sit while watching hula hooping 🤣🤣

1 minute balls to wall


Prayer: All our brothers, Bunker’s Daughter, Yogi and fam

Praise: Thriller’s Daughter

Announcements: 2nd F Redwolves Game⚾️⚾️

Moleskin: Iron Sharpen Iron! What’s necessary to Sharpen? FRICTION! Reach out to a brother and see how he’s doing and EH him!

BOM – Prayed out by Boucher.

FNG Name – MacGyver


Enjoyed every minute!  Thank you guys for letting me Q today!

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