Don’t Poke the Papa Bear

Location: Southpaw

Conditions: Muggy

QIC: Dipstick

PAX: Nurse Jackie, Breadsticks, Sharpie, Dipstick

Warm up

SSH – IC 20ish

Arm circles

10 forward

10 back

10 over head claps

10 forward claps

Low slow squats IC – 10

Freddie Mercuries IC – 40

The Thang

Grab a pill this is your cub don’t leave it.

Mosey to the practice field. At the chute, bear crawl done to the end, pushing the pill in front, sprint back to start and do a burpee. Repeat 10 times

With your pill:

Rebel Curls OYO x50

American Hammers OYO 2 count x25

Over head press OYO x50

BBS Pill over head OYO x25

Mosey back to parking lot. Start at one end of the parking lot. Change exercise after every 2 parking spots.

Down: Bear Crawls (push the pill) and Crab walk (carry the pill in lap)

Back: Over head Lunges and Bunny hop (while Bear hugging your pill)

Bear crawl with pushing pill all the way down the parking lot.

Mosey back to start for some Mary


Prayer and Pledge

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