FRODO – Bad Boys Running Wild

Workout date: April 14 – 2021 – posted due to not posting when workout was done. My apologies to Frodo! sincerely, Wee Man.

P.s. I probably didn’t post it because I was so beat!

The Scene:
RUMBLE – 55°, clear, humidity at 90%


Wee Man, Tender Spice, Dipstick, Spirit Fingers, Sharpie, Paycheck, Monkey, CDC, Frodo (QIC)

I’m not a professional / You haven’t paid to be here/ Push hard when you can/ Take care of yourself


20 – Jump rope

10  Through the Tunnel

10– Little arm circles forward

10– Little arm circles reverse

50- Bad Boy sit ups (Buy in)

The Thang:
Mosey to LED sign.  

Partner up for 100 hand release merkins (partner run little loop)

Mosey to stop sign at 4 Corners

At corner # 1, 3 burpees

Indian run to corner # 2, 6 burpees

Indian run to corner # 3, 9 burpees

Indian run to corner # 4, 12 burpees

Mosey through the tunnel

Frodo’s Tunnel of Terror (one PAX at a time runs the tunnel while remaining PAX exercise in place, rinse and repeat)

Round One:  Plank

Round Two:  Bad boy sit ups

Round Three:  American hammers

Partner up at podiums (partner 1 runs little loop while partner 2 exercises)

Round One:  Incline merkins

Round Two:  Dips

Round Three:  LBC’s

Jail break to Rock Yard 

Jail break to AO

Cash out with 25 Bad Boy sit ups

Moleskine:  Though there were no Bad Boys present at muster, we did complete quite a few Bad Boy sit ups and some running (see album cover above).  

Word of the day comes from the Book of Acts chapters 10 and 11.  The 4 corners we ran today reminds us of Peter’s Vision of an animal filled sheet being let down to earth by its four corners.  With this vision God makes it known that He accepts everyone regardless of their birthplace or back ground (see Acts 10: 34 – 35). 

A few album back cover liner notes are below: 

 FThreeSheets trio made a guest appearance on the Encore.  
 A thank you to The Bride of Frodo for rehearsal of today’s events.
 Wee Man mentioned a planned Cinder Block response to the day’s events (stay tuned for that).  
 There was a lot of strong sprinting going on, PAX did great.  


Thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me to lead you, I enjoyed it very much.  


BOM – Frodo

Prayer requests:  

Big Worm’s sister-in-law for planned treatment and Big Worm’s wife for future testing

F3sheets (Ville to Ville run group)

Knobby’s cousin and family

Announcements:  Sign up still available for Spring trip to Table Rock (see Knobby and Dipstick)

CDC mentioned Q source training starting May 8th(see CDC for details)




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