Bring out Jazz man.


QIC: Pinto

PAX: Ginger, Web, Thriller, Jazz, Belding (respect), Squatter, Gov’na, Geppetto, Tinder Spice, Big Worm


1 lap
Through the tunnel 10ic
Imperial walkers 10ic
Get lower squats 10ic
Little arm circles forward & back 10ic
Merkins 10ic
Plank jacks 10ic
Side straddle hop 10ic

The thang: 10 run 10… =100
10 reps at each end of parking lot until 100 reps total, run in between.
Merkins x100
Squats x100
Plank jack knees to chest x100
Leg lifts x100
Plank hip taps x100


This was Jazz’s first boot camp workout. Thanks to Thriller for EH’ing him. Thriller has not seen since leaving the parking lot. And Jazz suddenly left the state.

Thriller has an offer on a “Right size” house.

Belding has a family friend that has not found Christ and finally been encouraged by his daughter that attend a service in the near future. Prayers for that to happen and that the Lord speaks to him and is heard.

Prayer: Ginger

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