Pancakes at Hoppa’s Diner

AO: Scrooge

QIC: Geppetto

The PAX: Kimchi, Yo-Gi, Belding, Pinto, Big Worm, Big Hurt, Foxy, Thriller, Boucher, Ginger, Cinnamon, Geppetto

The Warmup
10ct SSH IC
10ct LAC IC
10ct Reverse LAC IC
10ct Overhead Claps IC
10ct Forward Claps IC
10ct Low n Slow Squats IC
10ct Flutter Kicks IC

Mosey to Hoppa’s Yard

The Thang:
Round 1:
2 laps (nice and slow…slowsey) around Hoppa’s Yard
11s: Merkins and Squats
Start with 1 merkin. Mosey across the yard for 10 squats.
Back to other side of the yard for 2 merkins. Repeat until you do 10 pushups and 1 squat

Round 2:
2 laps around Hoppa’s Yard
11s: Plank walks and Prisoner Jump Squats
Start with 1 plank walk. Mosey across the yard for 10 prisoner jump squats. Back to the other side of the yard for 2 plank walks. Repeat until you do 6 plank walks and 5 prisoner jump squats. Time was not on our side to complete this portion of the beatdown

Round 3:
2 brisk jailbreak laps led by Boucher. Assume we were trying to catch the 6…we never caught the 6….who’s the 6??
Cool down:
High plank. Hold for 10 seconds. Right hand up. Hold for 10 seconds.
Right hand down. 10ct shoulder taps IC
Left hand up. Hold for 10 seconds.
Left hand down. Stay in high plank. 10ct merkin IC
Bear crawl to middle of the yard
20 LBCs to 10 big bad boys. OYO.
Creative storytelling version of a 10ct by Belding
25 LBCs to 15 big bad boys. OYO.
Smooth 10ct by Big Hurt
30 LBCs to 20 big bad boys. OYO.
Mosey to parking lot for COT

Prayer Requests
Kimchi – James Jr’s anger. Praying for healing and calming of his heart
Thriller – Daughter has meeting with neurologist. Latest seizure was a wk ago. Oldest daughter… taking her to MUSC for next phase of school. Sold the house. Moving in July


Gentlemen, thank you for bringing your fire this Monday morning. I am not a professional but some of you paid dearly to be with me. Thank you for your sacrifice. Live out your kingdom mission! Continue being FOM

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