Bear crawls, murder bunnies and block slides oh my!

Qic sharpie
The Pax,
Knobby, monkey, cdc, frodo, bridesmaid, Duncan, sharpie

Little arm circles 15ic
Reverse little arm circles 15ic
Forward claps 15ic
Overhead claps 15ic
Through the tunnel 15ic
Karate kicks 15ic
Knee to the heads 15 per leg

The thang
Mosey to light polls.
Bear crawl block pull to the next light poll and perform 10 block merkins, plank for the 6.
Block shavers to the next light pull and perform 10 chest presses them plank for the 6.
Murder bunny to the next light poll and perform 10 block triceps extensions
Block shavers to the next light poll and perform 10 Block curls
Overhead carry to the next light poll.
Mosey to tunnel
Partner up, partner a performs 10 block merkins while partner b planks halfway through the tunnel. Then partner b travels to other end of tunnel and does 10 merkins. Rinse and repeat
Partner a does 10 block burpees whil partner b does planks halfway through the tunnel, then switch and do it again.
Block shavers through the other parking lot to wake Karen up otw back to starting position
50 blocks curls
50 ssh ic
Monkeys opening up his pool for 2nd f with family on Sunday around 3. More details to come.
Prayer requests
Knobbys hands and arms falling asleep at night
Pray for me and the m to find forgiveness for her brother

Thank you so much for everyone who put in work this morning. Good showing especially after Saturdays beat down.

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