Monkey-Wee Co-Q – Strawberry Waffle DayDream

The Scene:
RUMBLE – 62°, full rain, lots o rain


Monkey (Q) , Wee Man (Co-Q), Frodo, Super Nova, Knobby, Bridesmaid

I’m not a professional / you haven’t paid to be here / Leave now if you’re scared / Modify if needed


Mosey out of Gazebo meeting area, around parking lot to front of school

10 – Little Arm Circles 4CT IC

10 – Imperial Walkers 4CT IC

10 – HillBillies 4CT IC

25 – Flutter Kicks – 4 CT IC

10 – Merkins – 4 CT IC

The Thang:
Mosey to past the new “Library” to the circular “Firepit” (Bus Loading area). Behind dumpster are 3 hole and 4 hole bricks. Grab 2 and head to covered tunnel behind school.


Lunge along back of school through covered walkway. Every pole do 2 jump squats.

Run back to beginning

25 – Big boys sit-ups

Bear crawl covered walkway. Every pole do 2 hand release merkins.

Run back to beginning

Grab blocks and do :

25 block to foot sit-ups

25 reverse flys

Static holds with blocks out to side, up, forward, as called by Co-Q.

25 calf raises

Mosey to other side

25 – step ups with leg kick at top

10 Dips and 10 incline merkins x 2

Mosey to front of school

6 min of MARY with protractor, hello dolly, and box cutters


BOM – Monkey



Monkey and I (Wee) planned a beatdown but this morning we forgot all about it and made a pact at 04:50am. If no one shows, we get strawberry waffles. Well. That didn’t happen but we were counting on it. The Rumblers love rain, especially Knobby, who decided to run back in “lane 3” which was a huge water filled ditch and do a shoulder roll while in the drainage ditch. The mans full of life and it’s inspiring to see!

I will keep this moleskin short but wanted to leave with this last line in the devotion I read before starting the Q this morning:

Fight for community, brother—against calendars, against pride, against fear. King David sang: “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!” (Psalm 133:1-3). This is so very important.

If you would like to join us in this Bible Study devotional in the Bible App, message me and we will add you in!

Love all you, brothers!

Prayer Requests:

Super Nova’s girlfriends daughter

Cinnamons Big Toe

Frodo knee recovery

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