Knobby’s 3rd F Series – 16 Legacy Planning Tidbits

Knobby did a double, back to back 3rd F run and these tips are too good not to share.

“16 Legacy Planning Tidbits”

1- Don’t assume you know how many days you have left. You may go to heaven tomorrow or when you are 87.

2- Live each day like you have two years left.

3- The most important commandment is found in Matthew 22 34 – 40. Love God first and love your neighbor second. If you are married, you spouse is your closet neighbor.

4- Hit the bullseye. God first, close family second, friends next, coworkers, community…Make sure your focus is not backwards.

5- Get life insurance!!! Enough to at least cover your mortgage. If you don’t have life insurance cancel you cable, Netflix…. This is a must!

6- Lead the adventure for your family. Make the memories that will last forever.

Example: Take them to Artfields in Lake City next spring.

7- Own a water key, know where your water meter is, and how to cut it off quick. If the water apocalypse comes inside your home this will save your retirement funds, stress… It might add years to your life :-).

9- Reconcile your death. The mortality rate of our F3 Pax is 100%.

10- What pastor will officiate your memorial service? Reason number 992 to be involved in a church; not just attend.

11- If you have a son, grandson… research sending them to Camp McCall. It is incredible!

12- Have a will.

13- Make sure you have beneficiaries on all of your $ accounts.

14- Will you be buried, cremated, or your body given to research. Make the choice and let your people know.

15- Pass along a Christian faith over land, $, or objects. We want people to say,

“He loved our good good Father and his people.” Not that he: Loved them Tigers, Trump, GoRuck, his company… (those can be secondary)

16- Read a Bible cover to cover and pass it along to a loved one. Read one for each child, grandchild… and present it to them. It might be passed down for generations.

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