12 is the new 15

When: 7am

Where: Scrooge

Who: CDC, Yo-Gi, Monkey, Weeman, Frodo, bunker, nightlight, Flanders, SF, Boucher, thriller, airhead, Belding, web, kimchi, musk, Pom Pom, pinto.




12 low and slow squats

12 little arm circles x 2

60 4-count flutter kicks

Mosey around Ebenezer Church and back to tennis courts.

12 corners 1-12 reps

round 1 – merkins

Round 2 – Big Boys

Mosey to Hoppa’s yard

4 downs/4 quarters

bear crawl/jailbreak

mosey to tennis courts

12 corners 12-1 reps

round 1 – big boys

round 2 – merkins

mosey to circle

40 4-count flutter kicks



Moleskin: thanks for allowing me to lead you guys this morning. You were a part of a non-leg heavy monkey Q which is rare! Except for the 2.8 miles of course. Monkey out…..

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