Wee Man Wednesday – AB-tastic Superman

The Scene:
RUMBLE – 70°, windy, beautiful gloom


Wee Man (QIC), Geppetto, Nurse Jackie, Frodo, CDC, Sharpie, Dunkin, Night Light, Pom Pom, Pinto, Moodle

I’m not a professional / you haven’t paid to be here / I told you this was going to suck / you should have stayed home today if you value comfort


10 – Little Arm Circles 4CT IC

10 – Reverse Little Arm Circle 4CT IC

10 – Through the Tunnel 4CT IC

10 – Merkins – Close Grip – 4 CT IC

The Thang:
Mosey with Block/Ruck/KB

Butterfly Big Boys – AMRAP – 30 Second rep – 3 Sets

Superman with 3 second hold – 15 rep – 3 Sets (10 Merkins between Sets)

Weight to Toe Leg Lever – 20 reps – 3 Sets

On Back Banana Hold – 30 second hold – 3 Sets

Flutter Kick with Weight Pressed – 25 Reps – 4CT IC – 3 Sets (20 ruck/weight chest presses between sets OYO)

Big Boys – AMRAP – 2 Min – 2 Sets

Burpees – 10 reps

Mosey to Circle

Plank it up in circle – Merkin Clock 1,2,3, etc hold plank while the reps are done


BOM – Sharpie



Kudos to Frodo, Pom Pom and Speedwalker for Pre-Ruck!

Good workout men! Had to take a break at the 2 min Big Boys at the end when a teacher walked by, because allllll you guys were struggling. Even Wee! Well done to all of you for putting up with a AB only Q.

I wanted to share some John Ruskin I read this week. He is one of the lost literary geniuses of the 1800’s and I highly recommend reading some of his work. Today’s quotes came from his book Sesame and Lilies:

“But whatever else you may be, you must not be useless, and you must not be cruel.  If there is any one point which, in six thousand years of thinking about right and wrong, wise and good men have agreed upon, or successively by experience discovered, it is that God dislikes idle and cruel people more than any others:—that His first order is, “Work while you have light;” and His second, “Be merciful while you have mercy.”

“Work while you have light,” especially while you have the light of morning.  There are few things more wonderful to me than that old people never tell young ones how precious their youth is.  They sometimes sentimentally regret their own earlier days; sometimes prudently forget them; often foolishly rebuke the young, often more foolishly indulge, often most foolishly thwart and restrain; but scarcely ever warn or watch them.  Remember, then, that I, at least, have warned you, that the happiness of your life, and its power, and its part and rank in earth or in heaven, depend on the way you pass your days now.  They are not to be sad days: far from that, the first duty of young people is to be delighted and delightful; but they are to be in the deepest sense solemn days.  There is no solemnity so deep, to a rightly-thinking creature, as that of dawn….

Now, therefore, see that no day passes in which you do not make yourself a somewhat better creature: and in order to do that, find out, first, what you are now.  Do not think vaguely about it; take pen and paper, and write down as accurate a description of yourself as you can, with the date to it.  If you dare not do so, find out why you dare not, and try to get strength of heart enough to look yourself fairly in the face in mind as well as body.  

 You will find that the mere resolve not to be useless, and the honest desire to help other people, will, in the quickest and delicatest ways, improve yourself.  Thus, from the beginning, consider all your accomplishments as means of assistance to others…”

Prayer Requests:

Mary brown – prayers for family and detectives working this case
Pinto – family
Frodo knee
Big Hurt recovering
Dipstick – poison ivy
Thriller – daughter testing

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