Boucher Spring Back Q

QIC: Boucher

PAX: Nurse Jackie, Thriller, BillyHo, Ginger, Shamwow, Cinnamon, WeeMan, Tinderspice, Web, Gepetto, Bunker, PomPom, Pinto, Foxy, Hawk

Warm up

SSH (weak)
SSH (strong) called by NJ

2 rounds

Wide Merkins
Decline Merkins
Plank Jack’s
1 lap Hoppa’s Yard

4 corners
20 burpee buy-in
Mosey to next Corner
Plank walks until Q says stop
Table top side crawl to next corner (switch mid way)
Plank Jacks
Mosey to next Corner
Circle crawl
Gorilla crawl to next corner
20 burpee finisher
Circle up

Pickle pounders
Indian Merkins
Monkey Humpers

Plank while Q is telling the BOM what hes Thankful for!
1 thing you are thankful for around Circle!
I was off for the week and was a little lost without my morning routine. Missed you guys and the Gloom!

Announcements- F3/FIA Event April 24th, March event April 24th

Prayers – Bug Hurt, Knobby’s Cousin, Pastors in Community, Web responsibility, pray we spread the good word

Thanks guys! Enjoyed it and bless you all!

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