The Kimchi Experience @ Rumble

The first installment of the Kimchi Experience @Rumble

Part 1 – To know the block, you must be the block

QIC: Kimchi

PAX: Yogi, CDC, Pompom, Knobby, Band-Aid, Sharpie, Frodo


Warm Up

  • Arm Circles IC x13

  • OH Arm Claps IC x13

  • SSH IC x15

  • Thru the Tunnel IC x15

  • Merkins IC x15

The Thang

  • Lap 1 Murder Bunnies with Block. Stop at each station and perform exercise. 20 Reps

  • Cone 1 Chest Press. Cone 2 Squats. Cone 3 Bicep Curls. Cone 4 Block Swings. Cone 5 Deadlifts. Cone 6 Plank with Block Pulls.

Big Boys OYO x20

  • Lap 2 Walk with Block over head. Repeat each station.

Flutter kicks IC x15. Box Cutters IC x15

  • Lap 3 Murder Bunnies. Repeat each station.

Gas Pushers IC x15 Big Boys OYO x20 Burpees OYO x15





It was rumored that the Q stated: “Rumble is a pretty awesome AO. I can see why people say it’s better than Scrooge.”

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