Forward – Frodo VQ

The Scene:
RUMBLE – 28°, clear and crisp


Moodle, Big Worm, Gephetto, Wee Man, Monkey, Cinnamon, Night Light, CDC, Big Hurt, Pom Pom, Paycheck, Sharpie, Foxy, Nurse Jackie, Boucher, Spirit Fingers, Frodo (QIC)

I’m not a professional / You haven’t paid to be here/ Push hard when you can/ Take care of yourself


20 – Jump rope

15  Through the Tunnel

The Thang:
Mosey to stop sign.  

10 Burpees on your own

Indian run to Lindberg St. 

Pancakes command (all 4 exercises below 4 count each x 5 reps):  

1. Bad Boy sit ups
2. American hammers
3. Plank jacks
4. Side to side toe touches

Mosey to Cheraw Drive, 10 Burpees on your own

Indian run to Alton Circle, Pancakes

Mosey to Lindberg Drive, 12 Burpees on your own

Run at own pace to Claremont Ave., Pancakes

Mosey to Margaret Drive, 5 Burpees on your own

Mosey to Dunvegan Rd. Partner up for 100 Hand Release Merkins

Mosey to Wisteria Drive, then Lunges to Edisto Road.

Mosey to Ridgeland Drive, Pancakes

Return run to AO while accelerating.  

Moleskine:  We kept moving forward over this 2.16 mile course.  The word of encouragement is to keep moving forward on life’s path in those things that make us better men for our families, friends, churches and communities.  Throughout the course we ran, we moseyed, we walked but we always kept moving forward.  A group of walkers created the briefest of distractions but, progress quickly returned.  Thank you, gentlemen, for allowing me to lead you, I enjoyed it very much.  


BOM – Frodo

Prayer requests:  

Big Worm’s sister-in-law for planned treatment and Big Worm’s wife for future testing

Moodle- family prayer request, unspoken 


 March 13th – trash pickup after boot camp, Pacing for Pieces, and Water Bug 10k
 Boucher discussed an upcoming devotion/ book series (more info. to follow)





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