Boucher Suicide Watch


QIC: Boucher
Pax: Belding,Thriller, Foxy, Jefferson, Paycheck, Cash, Web, Shuttlecock, Foxy, Cinnamon, Pinto, Nurse Jackie, Night Light, Wee Man, Pom Pom, Frodo, CDC, Big Hurt, Bunker

Warm up:

SSH IC x25
Little arm circles IC x10
Reverse IC x10
Forward Claps IC x10
Overhead Claps IC x5
Merkin IC x11
Squat OYO x15
Burpees OYO x 10

Mosey to Ebenezer Church

The thang:

Suicides by every parking spot line

Increase rep by one each time back

1 to 15 – Carolina Dry Docks
1 to 10 – LBCs
1 to 10 – Squats

Last round bear crawl suicide: (in honor of our Nan’tan)
1 to 5 – Burpees

Last rep each round Pax chose stopping point and we finished together.

Mosey to green wall

Wall sit
Lunge to 2nd line and back
Wall hand stand
Broad jump to 2nd line and back
Wall sit
Wall hand stand for pic….

Mosey to Circle

Thunderstruck cool down – SSH while music playing and burpee for every “Thunder”


Men of Resolution – we have a critical role in Leading our families and communities into and through a Godly life!

We must learn to stand up together,  become men of resolution,  and boldly say,  “If my battle gets too strong for me,  then you shall help me,  but if your battle is too strong for you, then I will come to help you! Be strong, and let us show ourselves courageous for the sake of our people and for the cities of our God; and may the Lord do what is good in his sight!”

We must lock shields with other men around us and refuse to allow one another to fail any longer in the battles for our marriages and families. We must give our sons and grandsons a new picture of leadership and new example worth following.

Prayer: All our brothers, Tugboat fam and baby, Squatter fam and baby

Frodo’s VQ
Whetstone knobby
Qsource launch – G3L with next month
March 13 clean up after scrooge
Relaunch southpaw- TBD timing
Resolution for men Sunday afternoon?
2.0 end of March
Overnight ruck night before 2.0
Call a brother.  EH!

Thank you Belding for Praying us out!


Begin Pledge altogether!

Enjoyed every minute!  Thank you guys for letting me Q today!

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  1. Great Job brother!


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