No Shelter – You’re Gonna Hate This…

The Scene:
RUMBLE – 40°, raining, gloom max gauge wrapped

Wee Man

Wee Man (QIC), Spirit Fingers, Knobby, Geppetto, Nurse Jackie, Frodo, CDC

I’m not a professional / you haven’t paid to be here / I told you this was going to suck / you should have stayed home today if you value comfort

All work is outside in the parking lot. In the rain. No shelter.

10 – Little Arm Circles 4CT IC
10 – Overhead Claps 4CT IC

The Thang:
Everyone stays together.

2 laps around the school (0.9 miles total)
50 Squats IC by Wee Man

50 Squats IC by FRODO

2 laps around the school (0.9 miles total)
50 Big Boi’s (full sit-ups)
50 LBC’s (crunches)
10 Flutter Kicks – 4CT IC

2 laps around the school (0.9 miles total)
100 merkins (push-ups)




My message to the group yesterday was:

“Dear Rumblers. My Q will not be fun. You will not enjoy it. There will be no sheltered workout. It will be full rain or nothing. Do not come to the gloom. I repeat. You will not enjoy tomorrow morning. Bye.”

And wouldn’t you know that more people showed up for this Q than most other Rumble Q’s I’ve done lately with no rain! This just proves you PAX are committed to the gloom and each other. And you’re sick! (Geppetto called me that at the first two laps before he knew we’d do that two more times.). Also the Q-drenaline wore off during the midpoint of the Thang but kept at it with encouragement by Nurse Jackie. Thank you for that!

I have been weak about posting to workouts in inclement weather and avoiding run heavy Q’s so I figured I would join the two. The theme of No Shelter became, in a way, desired as I wanted to embrace the cold, wet conditions as if there was no other option. I wanted the pax to have no other option. The pax knew what they were getting into and gave it their all. We could have taken short cuts around the school, cut through the grass, taken the inside track, but we didn’t. Even when I didn’t lead the second and third set of laps, the pax kept to the outside. Choosing the harder thing. That’s what it’s about. When you show up to a Q, hope that it’s hard. Hope that it’s gonna suck. Hope and pray that it’s gonna rain and there’s no shelter. Hope that you’re gonna run a lot. The more experiences you have of hard things and expecting your fears, the more you will overcome and handle your other hurdles with simple, easier leaps and bounds.

Prayer requests:
Tugboat and his M
Unspoken prayers of work:life:family
Sharpie and his family


March Bible Plan starts March 8th

March Spring Retreat – 4/23 – 4/25

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨FRODO VQ is next Monday. Show up at Rumble!

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  1. Dang!!!!!! That’s FIRE!!!!


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