MeatHead Monday

When: 3/1/21

Where: Scrooge

Conditions were mild and 65

Pax: BillyHo, BigWorm, Cinny, PomPom, Shuttlecock, Pinto, Squatter, NurseJackie, Boucher, BigHurt, Web, NightLight, Ginger, Foxy(QIC)


1lap hoppas yard, 10squats-10merkins-10Lbcs 2rds

rinse and repeat

Kettlebell swing instructions and buy-in x 25

The Thang:

2 people per station, burpees for the six, rotate colockwise:

Kb thrusters x 100

LBCs x 100

Sb pass 25L/25R

Kb swing x 100

Ab roll x 25/low plank

Sb Squat x 100

Hand-release Merkins x 100

Grab All weight and move 2 laps around hoppas yard AFAP…


-March 13 road cleanup following bootcamp

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