AO: Scrooge

Conditions: 39 and Ripe for Acceleration.

PAX (10): Nurse Jackie, Ginger, Boucher, Wee Man, Web, Shuttlecock, Pinto, Big Worm, Squatter, Paycheck (QIC)


Warmup, In Cadence:

  • Thru The SloTunnel, x 20
  • Heels To Heaven, x15
  • Flutter Kicks, x20
  • Hello Dolly, x20
  • Shoulder Taps, x 20
  • Mountain Climbers, x20
  • Hand Release Merkins, x 10
  • Big Boi Squat Jumps, x10
    • YHC noted on Saturday that Boucher was doing this insane, ravenous, Pro version of Squat Jumps, not some flinch & hop.
        • -Boucher was asked to demonstrate and explain:
          • Get that hip hinge working
          • hips back
          • glutes low
          • both hands slap the ground
          • explode, full extension with arms up + a real jump
          • These are hereby dubbed Big Boi Squat Jumps and one rep must include hands smacking ground and full extension up.
  • Bear Crawl to Gazebo
  • Picnic Tables
    • Gas Pumps
    • Dips
    • Split Grip Pullups Leg assist up, pause at top, slow descent x 5; x 5 (left hand pullup grip, right hand chinup grip, flapjack)
  • Crawl Bear back, Mosey around parking lot, to last parking spot.
  • Lunges: Last parking spot to power box/cone.
  • Mosey to Stop Sign MODFIY– back up and make marker the mailbox for safety.
  • At Mailbox: 5 Big Boi Squat Jumps + 10 Hand Release Merkins.
  • Mosey to from Mailbox back to parking lot-Curb/Cone/Green Powerbox.


  •  Jailbreak!
    • 40 Yard Dash, from Powerbox /cone to Parking Spot Midline (fig. #5 – #6 below)
  • Mosey to Concrete (fig. #7 below)
  • Bear Crawl to Gazebo
  • Picnic Table (fig. #8 below)
    • 10 Gas Pumps
    • 10 Dips
    • 5 Pull-ups (Modify: leg assist up, pause at top, slow negatives down)
  • Crawl Bear (fig #9) *We mostly just did bumper cars and used the same concrete as before.
  • Mosey around parking lot, follow The Fancy Arrows provided by City of Florence.
  • Halt at Last Parking Spot (fig. #10)
  • Prisoner Lunges to Power Box/Cone (Fig. #5)
  • Mosey to Mailbox
  • 5 Big Boi Squat Jumps, 10 Hand Release Merkins
  • Mosey to Power Box/Cone to…

Circle up

  • 10 Big Boi Jump Squats
  • MARY:
    • NJ:     Freddie Mercuries, x 30
    • Biggie:     Leg Raises, x 5

Prayers, Praises, Announcements:   Praises for Pinto’s niece doing better, prayers for continued recovery.




Moleskine:  It is truly an honor to get to lead y’all to get better, stronger, and faster while I simultaneously push myself to also get after it.




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