No wrong way to do a right thing!

When:  2/20/21

QIC: CinnaMan

The Pax: WeeMan, Thriller, Big Worm, Pom Pom, Dipstick, Night Light, Boucher, Glowstick, Monkey, Big Hurt, Billy Ho, Ginger, Yogi, Paycheck, Bunker, Squatter, Cinnamon (QIC) [ Speedwalker / Shuttlecock – Pre-Work ]

Conditions: 34 degrees F, Sunny’ish on the rail trail

Disclaimer: Done


  • Mosey Hoppa’s Yard – 10 SSH IC / 10 Smurf Jacks IC / 10 IW IC
  • Mosey the Yard again – 10 LAC IC / 10 TTT IC

The Thang – Mosey across to the Ebenezer Church entrance

  • Indian Run to the Rail Trail / Rail Road Crossing Arms
  • It was noted that the end of the run it was more of a Gaggle….

Stop 1 – 5 Burpee x SSH

Lunge to Stop 2 – 10 Hand Release Merkins / 3 Burpee x SSSH

Bear Crawl to Stop 3 – 15 Hand Release Merkins / 1 Burpee x SSH

Crawl Bear to Stop 4 – 25 4-Count Flutter Kicks / 10 Jump Squats

Bunny Hop to Stop 5 – 15 Jump Squats

Broad Jump to Stop 6 – 20 Jump Squats

Jail Break to next cone (7) and then mosey down to 1/4 mile marker and back.

REPEAT the above all the way back to the Rail Road Crossing Arms

Mosey all the way back to Scrooge….


10 Hello Dolly’s IC / 10 Freddy Mercury’s IC / Wee-man Audible Pickel Pounders until everyone was uncomfortable…..

Announcements / Praise / TAPS

Non-BOM (with an appropriate 6 feet distance):  Squatter prayed us out


It was cold out there this morning. Shout out the Ruckers that completed a 5 mile Pre-Ruck and the Murph gang that did a Pre-Murph…. Today was an example of the F3 Core value – Peer Led by a NON-Professional… Anybody can Q and we all should be working towards our next Q or our VQ! Get with Big Worm, Boucher or Spirit Fingers if you have questions about your next or first Q. We are all here to help. I was smoked… I hope you were too. I did see Thriller getting in some extra pull-ups!!!! He’s a BEAST!!!

You men of F3 Florence mean so much to me personally and I know that each of you have a name or two of guys we know need this brotherhood. EH them! Go pick them up and bring them to a workout. Don’t forget Ginger’s challenge of picking up a past PAX and bring them back in. Yes, I know that means you may be a little inconvenienced. You may have to get up a little earlier. Is it worth it? I bet the answer is yes… Let’s bring more guys on this journey with us. Leave no man behind and leave no man where you found him! SYITG, Cinny


  • Prayers for a Safe Race and Return for the PAX that are doing the Dam to Dam Relay
  • Prayers for those down with Covid and Family illnesses
  • Prayers for Gizmo, his family and his little fella!
  • Prayers for Wee-Woman while she’s on her backpacking trip.

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