Clocktower Madness Web VQ

When: 2/15/21
QIC: Web
The Pax: Nurse Jackie, Big Worm, Thriller, Jefferson, Boucher, Wee Man, Cinnamon, Pom Pom, Foxy, Big Hurt, Shuttlecock, Web (QIC)
Conditions: 40 degrees F, wet and cold
The Thang
25 Side Straddle Hops
10 Merkins
10 Through the Tunnels
10 Little Arm Circles (forwards and backwards)
10 Big Arm Circles (forwards and backwards)
Mosey to Hopper’s Yard
Clockwork and Slip & Slide
(Around Hopper’s Yard, while waiting for the 6, pain station)

  1. Lap, Low Plank, Bear Crawl to the other end and back
  2. Lap, 6 Inches, bench the block 20 times
    (Around Hopper’s Yard, while waiting for the 6, Pain Station, around Hopper’s Yard, while waiting for the 6)
    I initially thought that maybe we could continue going to the other end and back as planned, but after one PAX did a reverse Burpee Broad Jump, and I came close to following suite, I decided to just go to the other end. Luckily we didn’t have to worry about any Tokyo drifts out there this morning.
  3. Lap, High Plank, Burpee Broad Jump, half a lap, High Plank
  4. Lap, 6 Inches, 20 Block Squats, half a lap, 6 Inches
  5. Lap, pick up 6, Crab Walk, half a lap, pick up 6
  6. Lap, pick up 6, 20 Block Thrusts, half a lap, pick up 6
  7. Lap, 6 Inches, Murder Bunny, half a lap, 6 Inches
  8. Lap, High Plank, 20 Block Jumps (1 count), half a lap, high plank
    Here Shuttlecock bunny hopped around the track in order to avoid going through the swampy center. I quite enjoyed this site as he seemed to have followed my example of using the arm motions that I was told to use when doing a Bunny Hop: put the hands together and move the hands up and down following how you jump.
  9. Lap, 6 Inches, Bunny Hop, half a lap, 6 Inches
    Mosey back to the parking lot with block.
    One last hurrah
    Jailbreak for 2 laps
    I attempted to keep up with Big Worm, but he outran me.
    Last but not least
    My favorite stretch: the Gravity Stretch
    For those who don’t know this is just laying down on the ground.
    Total Distance: 1.76 miles
    I enjoyed this opportunity to lead my first Q. Initially I was worried about the cadence for the warmup and how to adapt to the wet weather. However neither was a really big issue. There was one hiccup during the warmup where a joke was made, and I started chuckling instead of keeping count. I really enjoyed being able to work with everyone as they graciously corrected some of my mistakes and incorrect names for workouts. Several people liked that I said “relax” instead of “recover”. I do wish that we could have murder bunnied a little more, but we got a good amount in. Several PAX said that the workout was stupid in reference to CSUP events which made me happy as it was fulfilling its purpose of being a difficult workout. I enjoyed being able to call out which clockwise direction we were going in, but I regret not saying it the way my high school cross country coach would have: “anti-counter-clockwise”. Thanks for bearing with me and helping me out where needed!
    • Pinto’s Dam to Dam team still needs one more runner
    • The F3 event with Hartsville is on March 13th
    • Prayers for members of the PAX and their families that are dealing with COVID.
    • Praise to those that have recovered and are continuing to improve daily
    • Prayers for Pinto and his family
    • Prayers for a pastor who had a heart attack
    • Prayers for Night Light’s Dad as he had a Pacemaker put in

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