Rumble BlockChain Gang 1.0




PAX: CDC, Frodo, Paycheck (YHC), Pom Pom, Sharpie, Shuttlecock, Wee Man, Yogi.

PRE RUCK: Shuttlecock, Speedwalker, Paycheck, Weeman

UA: Booger, Knobby, Monkey, Spirit Fingers

I. 1/2 Mile Warmup:

A. Through the Tunnel x 20, In cadence (@launchpad)

Mosey. Right at stop Sign, mosey a long lap around school, stoping for…

B. Mountain Climbers x 20 OYO because close to houses. (@far corner)


B. Shoulder Taps x 20, in cadence (@LED sign)

Merkins (@ LED sign) in cadence x 10

C. Bunny Hops (@parking spots)

D. Bear Crawls (@covered walkway) modify lunges as needed

E. Bonnie Blairs x20 (@pickup line)

F. Box Jumps/Step Ups x20 (@brick benches)


Side Straddle Hops x10

II. The Thang:

BAMRAP: Perform movement until time is called determined by Q, Farmer carry block to tree, change hands, return to launchpad

2 Rounds (@launchpad)


Overhead presses

KB swings

Goblet Squats

Decline Block Merkins

Mosey to stop sign

Lightpole Speed Work: mosey 1; Sprint 50-100% /jailbreak next; rinse and repeat to LED; plank

Mountain Climbers x10

Shoulder taps x10

Merkins in Cadence x10

Lighpoles to stop sign

MOLESKINE: That looked easier on paper. Farmer carries add up quick. Great to see a Block Party after the Super Bowl

There’s a reason cinderblocks are used as foundation materials. We started our week off right and laid the foundation for our week.

Deja Vu???





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