2/1/2021 Boucher


QIC: Boucher
Pax: Big Worm, Thriller, Web, Shuttlecock, Foxy, Cinnamon, Gapetto, Pinto, Nurse Jackie, Kimchi

Warm up:

Little arm circles IC
Reverse IC
Overhead Claps IC
Squat IC
Merkin IC

Mosey to Light pole @JiffyLube

The thang:

Bear Crawl to next light pole
25 Jump Squats
Lunge to next light pole
25 Monkey humpers
Bear Crawl to next light pole
10 Shoulder taps IC
Lunge to next light pole
10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to Entrance to The Grove

Plank 10 second count

11s – Burpees/Jump Squats between 1st 2 light poles.

1 Burpee -> run to light pole -> 10 jump squats -> run back
2 Burpees -> run to light pole -> 9 jump squats -> run back

Continue and we stopped at 7 Burpees/4 jump squats

Shuttlecock lead us out Mosey back to COT, but intervened with a lunge between light poles on the way back

Prayer: All our brothers, Pinto Niece, Band-Aid Wife, Thriller daughter, Web brother

Praise: Band-aid wife home, Thriller daughter finished treatment


Enjoyed every minute!  Thank you guys for letting me Q today!

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