1/4 Mile at a Time


QIC: Boucher
Pax: Big Worm, Thriller, Squatter, Web, Shuttlecock, Foxy, Ginger, Cinnamon, Bunker, Gapetto, Pom Pom, Pinto

Warm up:

Little arm circles IC
Reverse IC
Forward Claps IC
Overhead Claps IC
Cherry Pickers IC
Through the tunnel IC

Mosey to Red Light

The thang:

Indian Run 1/4 mile Intervals toward Sneed and turn through The Grove

Stop at each 1/4 mile and rep it:
1st 1/4: 25 Carolina Dry Dock OYO
2nd 1/4: 50 squats OYO
3rd 1/4: 50 merkins OYO
4th 1/4: 100 2-count mountain climbers
5th 1/4: 25 burpees

This was end of loop to Pine Needles from Ebenezer through The Grove.

Mosey back towards Park and stop first light pole.

Bear crawl to 2nd light pole


Shuttlecock lead out Indian run to COT

Prayer: Hutchinson family, Pinto niece, Covid, our community and country


Enjoyed every minute!  Thank you guys for letting me Q today!

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