AO: Scrooge

Conditions: 35 and Sunny, ripe for Acceleration

The Pax (18):   Shuttlecock, Hope, Foxy, Monkey, Yogi, Spirit Fingers, Ginger, Booger, Wee Man (CO-Q), Kimchi, Tugboat, Big Worm, Pinto, Webb, Nurse Jackie, Speedwalker, CinnaMan, Paycheck (QIC)

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, exercise at your own risk, do your best, modify as needed..Social Distance Protocol: Maintain 6’ social distance, break into 2 groups of 9 or less.


-Overhead Claps

-Forward Claps

-Side Straddle Hops


-Mountain Climbers

The Thang: 

Group A: 


6’ Gather at far side, opposite shovel flags for Broad Jumps, followed by Burpees, then Jailbreak: Sprint a lap around Da Hoppas Yard.

Pax 6’  line up  shoulder-to-shoulder, and begin broad jumps, towards shovel flags. Do 5 burpees in the handicap spots, followed by a lap of Da Hoppas Yard, sprinting as able.

Group B: 


If conditions are dry enough, mimic Michael Scott in the office and do a picnic table lap, shouting PARKOUR as you navigate over the table. After the tables, do 5  ninja rolls in the rubber mulch

The Work:

Clockwise: 6’ distanced, zig and zag from an outer bench to a swing to a bench, rinse and repeat.

Pick a bench, swing, or a bench, and begin working your way towards the street, then work your way around, doing these 3 exercises:

  • Box Jumps x 10 (Modify Option: Step Ups x 20)
  • Aussie Pullups (heels planted, grab swing chain, achieve ~45 degree angle, and do a pullup/rowing movement, pause at apex, slowly return to start) x 10
  • Dips x 10



Group A: To The Boneyard for:


Break into two groups 30 yards apart, shoulder to shoulder facing the other team. [Next time, in the center will be a tractor tire sturdy enough to handle 5 box jumps at 1-2’ as intended]

Stand shoulder to shoulder, teams 30 yards apart. One man, specifically, the man on the far right, is the Ping Pong ball, and moves to the other side by bear crawl or lunge, depending on the side he comes from. This is done one man at a time, and he moves so that he ends up on the far left of the other team. Once you see it in action it clicks. [Will take a video next time, complete with the 5 box jumps]. 

Red Side: 

Waiting: Squats

Moving to Blue side: Bear Crawls

Blue Side:

Waiting: Burpees 

Moving to other side: Lunges


  • Red Team is all doing squats, and Far Right Red Guy starts the game of Ping Pong. 
  • Far Right Red Guy Bear Crawls to Blue team, and arrives to become Far Left Blue Guy. 
  • When he arrives, he now does the Blue Burpees.
  •  Far Right Blue Man now is the Ping Pong Ball,, so he moves via Lunges. 
  • He becomes Far Left Red Guy upon arrival, and starts squatting.
  •  New Far Right Red Guy is now the Ping Pong Ball, and Bear Crawls to become Far Left Blue Guy to Burpee.

Rinse and repeat ad nauseum.

Group B: To the Baseball Field for:


Sticky notes with binder clip anchors are laid at the spot indicating where to go and what to do 

6′ Socially distanced: 

  1. Home Plate: Bear Crawl to 2nd Base
  2. Jailbreak to Fence
  3. Mosey to First
  4. Bear crawl to Right Field Foul Pole
  5. Jailbreak to Left Field Foul Pole
  6. Bear crawl to Third Base, 
  7. bunny hop to home plate.


There was time for another round so both groups did a small round of Paycheck Parkour and Brumpees.

  • MARY
  • Heels to Heaven x 21
  • Freddie Mercuries x 21
  • Yo-Gi: call an exercise!: Dying Cockroaches
  • IS THAT FOXY!?!? 10 Big Bois
  • Ginger Call an ab move: Box Cutters x 21
  • Grand Finale: KimChi What are you doing out here I thought it was too cold for you! Flutter Kicks in KimChi Cadence x21


This season of Covid is tough. Exercising, getting outside, and getting fellowship is critical.

Q’ing during Covid is tough. I thought I’d introduce some silly stuff to get our minds off the fact, but in the future, I think rolling out one at a time is the best idea, while everything else is dead simple. The good news is we now have 4 clearly defined new Thangs in our F3 Florence Exicon to borrow from and improve upon. It is always an honor to lead y’all in a workout and I appreciate every one of you.


Circle of Trust

Prayer- Hope


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