Storytime with Wee Man – F3 – 1 Year Anniversary Q

The scene:

35°, chilly, clear skies


Wee Man


Wee Man (QIC), CDC, Yogi, Squatter, Cinnamon (Covid QIC), Monkey, Sharpie, Pom Pom, Frodo, Bridesmaid, Zumba, Knobby, Jefferson, Nurse Jackie


I’m not a professional / you haven’t paid to be here / workout at your own pace and your own risk / F3 is open to ALL men/ Stay Hard


Side Straddle Hops x 15 4CT IC

Little Arm Circles

-Forward x 10 4CT IC

-Overhead x 10 4CT IC

-Front Claps x 10 4CT IC

The Thang :

10 Corners (Around the School)

[Alternate running with Coupon & running forwards with Coupon over head]

1st Corner 1 Burpee w/Coupon; 2nd Corner 2 Burpees w/Coupon; 3rd Courner 4 Burpees w/Coupon; 4th Corner 8 Burpees w/Coupon; 5th Corner 16 Burpees w/Coupon; 6th Corner 32 Burpees w/Coupone; 7th Corner 16 Burpees w/Coupon; 8th Corner 8 Burpees w/Coupon; 9th Corner 4 Burpees w/Coupon; 10th Corner 2 Burpees w/Coupon

Rinse/Repeat but with BigBoys and Block on Chest





I recreated my first Q by copying my first workout and intermingled it with what was going through my head when I decided to join F3, like riding by Rumble the Thursday before and deciding to keep going instead of stopping. All Pax got to see how much suck my FNG workout was and how crazy Belding was for calling it. I love how Belding ended the Q :

“Ephesians 6:10 was our verse for the morning “Be strong in the Lord, and in the Power of His Might!” Challenged all to have a “dynamic” impact in their area of influence via the omnipotent Power we are connected to through Christ.”

Anyone who knows Belding, knows how he probably recited all of Ephesians 6. I was probably about to die but remember it being impactful. I still see the steam from his breath as he quoted the Bible and gave a detailed prayer.

I was asked this morning and I believe, Over the past year, I have posted over 200 times but it’s hard to say especially because of Covid pause and Vanilla Sky AO. I try to post daily regardless.

We discussed my first F3 nickname and how I was able to get it changed by not accepting it. I couldn’t even explain or tell my name to others that asked. It was rather embarrassing. Thank you to Spirit Fingers, Govna, and Nurse Jackie for helping to get my name changed and seeing why an “over the top” name could actually cause someone to quit F3.

Thank you for standing beside me brothers. I really appreciate you all and will help you all if you ever need it.

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