Running will Keep You Warm

The scene:

29° clear skies & brisk

PAX: Belding, Big Worm, Boucher, Screech, Thriller, Web, Yogi (QIC)


SSH x 10 IC (while we wait on Big Worm to join the COP)

*Mosey to EBT parking lot to finish warming up*

Bear crawl beneath parking lot gate

High knees, butt kicks, karaoke, side shuffle

The Thang1:

4 Corners

5 Jump Squats

10 merkins

The Thang 2:

“Parking lot Pimpin”

Each PAX grab 2 parking spots

1 burpee on the center line – side shuffle to the right and then to the left (this is 1 rep)

10 reps were called

The Thang 3:


RD1 – regular

Rd2 – Gas pumpers increments of 5 up to 15

Rd3-Dying Cockroaches increments of 5 up to 15

The Thang 4:

Split up into two groups

Each group runs in the opposite direction. When they meet perform called exercise as a team.

RD1 – 50 merkins

Rd2 – 50 squats

The Thang 5:
Partner up

P1 – sprint to wall

P2 – Do called exercise


Rd2-jump squats




*Mosey back to launchpad with pain stations otw.

 Station 1- 5 squats 5 Burpees

Station 2- 5 squats



Prayers for Boucher’s friend, Jacob, who was in a hunting accident. Praise report for Belding’s son & family who were stranded in a cabin in frigid weather without power. However, was watched over and delivered home safely by the grace of the Lord.

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