Rumblin’ Round the Neighborhood


AO: Rumble

Conditions: Ripe for acceleration

The Pax: CDC, Knobby, Sprit Fingers, Paycheck (Your Humble Correspondent)


Overhead Claps x5

Forward Claps x10, 

Cuban Night Clubs x10,

Prisoner Squats x10 

Big Arm Circles x10 ; reverse

Mountain Climbersx 20

Plank Jacks x20

Merkins x20


By discussing the first chunk of Freed To Lead, I hope it invigorates strength into F3 principles among Pax.

“Getting in shape is a sprint fueled by enthusiasm of a change for the better but staying in shape is a marathon that is sustained by discipline and near maximum effort virtually every day of a man’s life.”


Sprinting: Think about how exciting the change for better is.

Jogging: Staying in shape.

Sad Clowns: “Like a lot of guys we know, Tony lived a compartmentalized life. He kept his work life, his family life, his love life, an his creative life in separate vaults…”I find I have to be the sad clown, laughing on the outside, crying on the inside”

Utilizing the grid at the basketball court:

-Smurf Jacks on the outside x 25

-Heels to Heaven inside x 25

-Cuban Night Clubs outside x 25

-Freddy Mercuries- inside x 25

Bowling Ball Grip: “A bowling Ball is made for impact. It is supposed to be in motion, to roll fast and knock down pins. But, it cannot do that on its own. Unless somebody fills its holes and hurls it into motion, it will only sit and gather dust…[based on our observations as recovering SadClowns and beggars who want to show the others where we found our crumb.]

 We’ve given names to the Bowling Ball Grip’s three holes: 

Pogo40, The Sifter, and The Reacher.

Pogo40: The name derives from the 40 (or so) pounds a SadClown keeps losing, only to gain back again. Over and Over.

            -40 Burpees.

The Sifter:  Deep fellowship is what a man needs when the figurative version of the sifter your mom used to separate flour when you were a boy begins to shake out friendships, when the world gives his life a good hard shake. Someone who can be physically present when the veering starts. He has to see it, not just hear about it over the phone. Deep male friendships require accountability, and accountability requires transparency.

-Pax weave through the fencing. *Pax lament that this reminds them of the Rumble event Monkey put on wondering when the next one will be

The Reacher: Jack Reacher and all aimless anti-hero types: The Reacher is about lack of purpose. Instead of reaching for real purpose, SadClowns sink into anti-hero fantasies, etc.  and lose focus on the reason a man stays, loves, and fights for his family and community. 

Only by abandoning himself can he hope to re-attain this real sense of purpose. To do this he must have faith in something he cannot see. It’Reach out for a real purpose that is right in front of you. 


-20 Split Grip Pullups: 6x5x4x3x2x1

-Indian Runs back to launch pad.





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