Santa and his OverGrown Wee Elf Bring Heavy Toys for Good Pax

Date: 12/12/2020

The Scene: Scrooge / 40 and Clear

QIC: Cinnamon/Wee Man


Cinnamon (Santa), Wee Man (OG Wee Elf), Spirit Fingers, Band-Aid, Knobby, CDC, Belding, Zumba, Thriller, Night Light, Nurse Jackie, Bunker, Clinger, Pine Tar

Pinto (#), Monkey (#), Hope (#), Jefferson (#)

# – 5 Mile Pre-Ruck Only

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

I’m not a professional / you haven’t paid to be here / workout at your own pace and your own risk / F3 is open to ALL men so MAN UP!

Warm-O-Rama: Wonder Bread & Old Spice

12 Smurf Jacks IC

12 through the tunnel IC

12 LAC Forward IC

12 LAC Reverse IC

12 Prisoner Squat

Mosey to Sneed Middle School back parking lot stopping along the way for……

Christmas Cookies

First stop: 25 Carolina Dry Docks OYO

Second stop: 50 Squats OYO

The Thang: Santa Gives Good Livin’ and Toys to Pax

Find a bench at the back of Sneed near basketball court

50 Dips OYO

25 Derkins OYO

Circle up at the Pile of Toys (Cinder Blocks, Buckets of Water, Sandbags, Rubber Mulch Military Duffles, Knobbys Special Ruck)

Pax Choice on Toy

Pick your Battle Buddy….

Dora 1-2-3

Buddy 1 X run while carrying toy around cones and dumpster circle while Buddy 2 works…. switch!

100 – Merkins

200 – Mtn Climbers

300 – Squats

Mosey to Scrooge parking lot with Coupons

Drop coupons and run back to get the six and take their burdens(coupons) back to Scrooge for them.

Circle up.

Build an OYO Pyramid 50-40-30-20-10

• 50 SSH

• 40 LBCs

• 30 Shoulder taps

• 20 Bear Crawl steps

• 10 Pickle Pounders

• 20 Bear Crawl Steps

• 30 Shoulder taps

• 40 LBCs

• 50 SSH

Six Minutes of Mary

On your six for six inches

12 Flutter Kicks – 4CT IC

Hold it

Protractor 6, 90, 45, 20, 6, 45, 8, 18 etc.

hold it

12 Hello Dollys – 4CT IC

12 Dying Cockroach – 4CT IC

10 Big Boys – 4CT IC Attempt. Fail. OYO only with grunts

Circle up



BOM– Knobby



Good to have a few downrange pax join us this morning: Clinger (Hartsville) and Pine Tar (Swamp Rabbit) strong work by theM and hopefully they enjoyed their time at Scrooge this morning.

Santa and I enjoyed bringing heavy gifts for all the good boys. It weighed the sleigh down but luckily we were able to get them unloaded in time, especially considering a police officer saw me pull into Sneed at 0455 to unload and ran my plates to make sure I was indeed an Overgrown Elf.


Pine Tars guy in Texas and his clear colon scans

Thrillers coworker doing significantly better after 6 months of hospital care from batting Covid and more

Prayers for the nation and Covid resurgence projections


Knobby still collecting funds for pull up bars at Trinity for us to use. Please contact him to donate.

Syrup Run/Ruck tomorrow (12/13) which is 6 miles at Maple Park 0530 and also a makeup session for Silkies and Santa Hat Ruck.

Pre-Ruck Pax: 5 Mile Silkies and Santa Hat Ruck

Bootcamp Pax:

Most Festive Ruck Award: Zumba

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  1. Strong work!


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