Went to a workout and a card game broke out

Conditions:  46 Degrees, Rainy

Pax: (7)

​Nightlight (QIC), Thriller (Respect), Big Worm, Yo-Gi, Bouche, Pinto, Web.


Thru the tunnels 10 Count IC

Windmills 10 Count IC

Little Arm Circles Forward 10 Count IC

Little Arm Circles Reverse 10 Count IC

Forward claps 10 Count IC

The Thang:

Pax Gathered under the Picnic Area to stay dry and split the deck into 2 stacks. Pax took turns flipping cards and doing the exercise on each card based on the suit and number. The workout breakdown went as follows:

• Clubs: Merkins•

Spade: Flutter Kicks•

Diamond: Dips•

Hearts: LBC’s•

Ace: Burpees X 10•

King: Squat X 15•

Queen: Step-ups X 10 (each leg)•

Jack: Lap around AO (in this instance Hoppa’s Yard•

Jokers: Calf Raises X 30

The Pax were able to make it completely through the deck with excited mumble chatter once the Burpees and laps were completed.

Total Exercise Count:• Merkins- 54• Flutter Kicks – 54• Dips- 54• LBC’s – 54• Burpees- 40• Squats- 60• Step-ups – 40 (each leg)• Laps Around Hoppa’s Yard- 4• Calf Raises- 60


​Thank you Pax for showing up on a rainy chilly morning. It’s hard getting up to workout in conditions like today but I always feel better once I get there get going. ​

Announcements:• Santa Ruck on Saturday.• My Brother’s Keeper  clothing collection


Prayer- Nightlight


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  1. Strong!!


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