Mario Party (It’s On Like Donkey Kong) Backblast, 10.24.20-Scrooge


Mario Party (It’s On LikeDonkey Kong)

2.0 Backblast

A.O. Scrooge

The Pax: Belding, Boucher+2.0, Buckeye, Hope, Pinto+2.0(x3), Thriller, Vallencourt +2.0(x2); Jefferson, Web, Paycheck + 2.0,

  • Half Credit:  Cinnamon, Shuttlecock
  • Quarter Credit:  Band-Aid, Speedwalker

 1.  Warmup: 

  • Side Straddle Hops, In Cadence (IC)
  • Bonnie Blairs (IC)
  • High Knees
  • Side Straddle Hops
  • Mosey to baseball field

2.  The Thang:

Mario Party (mini games)

Pax count off into groups, then break out into stations after 1 lap around baseball field. After approximately 5 minutes (based on how it’s going), Q calls rotate, and 1 lap around the baseball field is performed by all, together.

A-  Frisbee Toss (left field)

Line up, take a chance at getting the frisbee to the laundry basket. Burpees if not throwing the frisbee

Bear crawl to the frisbee

B-  Bombs Away:  (center field) Split into 2 sides, similar to tennis (bag represents the net). 1 person volunteers to count down from 60. The team with the most tennis balls on their side, out of the 50 balls to compete with loses. Losing side: 10 burpees. Winning side: 5 burpees. Buy-ins allowed.

C- Mini Soccer: (right field) Standard pickup game.

D-Football Toss:  (fringe second base, perpendicular to first and 3rd) Pax line up similar to frisbee toss, but everone bear crawl races to retrieve the balls after the 3 footballs have been thrown. If a ball makes it in the laundry basket, non-throwers do 5 burpees.

Last 20 Minutes: Consolidate.

E.  Kids all play soccer from center to right field.

F.  Grown ups: Center Field. 2 lines.

  • Line 1: Football Toss. After the thrower completes 3 throws, pax lunge to the balls to retrive, then next person throws. If the thrower makes it, non-throwers 5 burpees.1 line fooball toss
  •  Line 2: Tennis ball toss. Everyone get 3 balls and try to make the basket. Bear crawl to retrieve. If someone makes the basket, everyone else has to do 3 burpees.

G.  10 Minutes left: 2.0’s vs 4 Pax Soccer (Right Field)

  • Sideline: Fringe of First base to Second Base. Pax do 20x20x20: Burpees, Merkins, Squats, then are eligible to substitute.

Final lap around field


Vote Early. Everyone can vote early

Toss N Taste is today(!?)

Circle of Trust

Name O Rama

  • Welcome BFF (“Biff”) and Ariel



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