Racing with Horses

QIC: Ginger

Pax Present: Thugboat, Swan, Knobby, Big Worm, Pinto, Paycheck, Yogi, Flanders, Breadsticks, Shamwow, FNG Glowsticks

Warm Up: Scripture as Cadence

Side Straddle Hop

Imperial Walkers

Threw the tunnel

Mosey to Picnic Tables

20 box jumps

20 dips

Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to ballfield…..bear crawl 30 yards.

Mosey to campus traffic circle

¹/⁴ Turn, 10 Push Ups until full circle. (4X)

Mosey to grassy area. 20 Burpees.

Mosey to parking lot. Bear Crawl from light pole to light pole.

20 LBCs

Lunge to light pole

Mosey to porch. Partner up.

Partner A push ups….Partner B run short sidewalk circle. Flip flop.

Partner A Merkins. Partner B Long circle run.

Partner A hand stand. Partner B short sidewalk circle.

Mosey to Scrooge

Merkins Clock


Prayer Requests:

-Discipleship Minister at Newspring has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.


-Christmas party is being planned.

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