P R E B L A S T – 2.0 WORKOUT 9.26!

As @Cinnamon said this morning, here is a great way to honor God with your time:

Announcement: the hardest workout of every season will be TOMORROW!

2.0 Workout!!!

For those who do not know, the 2.0 workout is designed with our 2.0s (Kids) in mind. Our 2.0s are the better version of us.

These are the workouts where you can bring kids of any age, girls and boys, and they don’t have to be your kids. They can be family members, in-laws, neighbors, etc.

The workouts are fun but still challenging as we modify them accordingly for the adults.

So, do you want to set the best example? bring your 2.0s this Saturday morning to Scrooge!

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