Wonderful Wednesday 9.23

Backblast, 9.23.2020

AO: RUMBLE (Royall Elementary School)

THE PAX: Bridesmaid, CDC, Frodo, Paycheck (QIC), Swiper

5 PAX Posted to dig deep and do real repetitions for Wonderful Wednesday 9.23


Side Straddle Hops, in cadence x 20

Mosey to Planter Box

Incline Merkins, in cadence x 10

Step Ups, in cadence x 10

Incline Mountain Climbers, in cadence x 10


Pax find their own luxurious concrete square (major first class upgrade from common asphalt) for some ab exercises

Heels to Heaven, in cadence x 20

Freddie Mercuries, in cadence x 15

Box Cutters, in cadence x 15

Mosey to shovel flag

Since we forgot the shovel flag Monday, we kept it with us going forward.

Indian Runs, man at the front carries the shovel flag (Claremeont; R: Margaret; R: Wisteria; R: Rutledge)

Margaret>Wisteria: Halt for Merkins, in cadence x10

Wisteria>Rutledge: Halt for Low, Slow Prisoner Squats, in cadence x 12

Run up hill (too cold for jailbreak, injury prevention is key)

Discover Coupons lined up at each panel…



Runner is the trigger man/rotator: Runner goes to first house’s mailbox and back, Pax rotate pain station each time runner returns

Stations (modified to suit number of Pax: Big Hefty eliminated; Second Cinderblock eliminated; Burpees Eliminated; Decline Merkins Eliminated; Heels to Heaven Eliminated):

1: Cinderblock Cleans (deadlift/curl/press)

2: Bucket Squats + 60# Ruck (Squat & Sits wearing ruck)

3: 20# dumbell fly (or row; modify as needed; originally was 2 stations of 1 dumbell each for Woodchoppers L to R and Woodchoppers R to L)

4: Wife Kettlebell Swings for HIT Cardiovascular Health, spine and shoulder maintenance, and because Big Hefty felt too ridiculous.

5: [Run to Mailbox & Back]


Mosey to lightpole 1

Jailbreak to lightpole 2

Mosey to Rocks, select a Smedium Rock

Hand Release Rock American Hammers (Russian Twists, with boulder; return ot ground and release each repetition for maximum impact, minimum waste) 10 each side, on your own

Stability Rock Merkins x 5, In Cadence (10) Rock is under an appendage as follows:

In Cadence:

RH x 5 ; LH x 5

R Foot x 5; L Foot x 5

Rock Hand-Release American Hammers x 5 each side

ROCK TOSS: PAX space evenly every 2 curb sections.


ROCKHOPPERS: Evenly space rocks on the street lines: 1 in middle of line, one at ends of line, continue until all rocks used.

All Pax Burpee until a Rock-Hopping Pax is done hopping the rocks, then next Pax hops, aim for 2 rounds as time is running low. At the last rock, jailbreak to lightpole (approximately 40 yards), rinse and repeat

Recover; return rocks.

Begin return to lanchpad:

1-Mosey to lightpole

2-Jailbreak ot lightpole

3-Mosey to lightpole





Moleskine: Doing real reps, and digging deep is a vital exercise in self- discipline, and allows for a chance to maximize character and integrity. If lucky, this spills over across the board: in your own life, in others lives as they see you leading by example, and thus the Good Dominos cascade into the lake, causing a positive perpetuity; a ripple effect for Good. “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Jocko Willink

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