Metal Monday

Date: 9/7/2020

QIC:  Jefferson

The PAX:  Big Worm, Cinnamon, Foxy, Kimchi, Nurse Jackie, Speedwalker, Jefferson

Conditions:  Surprisingly cool for September with temps around 70


SSH – 12 IC

LAC – 10 IC Forward/10 IC Reverse

Forward Claps – 10 IC / OH Claps – 10 IC

Squat – 10 IC

Merkins – 10 IC

The Thang:

Partnered up for a 6-station circuit

One partner runs 1 lap of Hoppa’s Yard while other partner grabs some weight.  Flapjack *3 so each partner runs 2 laps and does 2 rounds at each station.

1. KB Swings – 35# or 53# KB

2. Sandbag Burpees – 40# SB or CB

3. Goblet Squats – 35# or 50# KB

4. Plate Ground to OH – 45# or CB

5. Sandbag Clean (and Press) – 60# or CB

6. Man Makers – 30# DBs or CB


#F3iA mixer and F3 2.0 workout coming up in September

Prayers for Pom Pom’s family, various injured PAX, various PAX who are sick or who have sick family members, unspoken



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