Pre-Blast FiA and F3 Florence CSAUP

What it is: First ever joint event between FiA Florence and F3 Florence.

When: September 19th at 7:30am

Where: Rail trail

The thang: A simple 5k with 10 “Pain Stations”

Why: Why not? We also raising money for some great causes. Bring cash. You can donate whichever amount you feel you are lead to donate. However, you do need at least $1, just as a token of good faith 😊Besides, who doesn’t like some friendly competition?

Categories (teams of 2):

  • FiA Wife/F3 Husband
  • FiA Women
  • F3 Men

Winners of each category will divide the money equally and will donate their winnings to an organization of their choice.

Great opportunity to invite others so they can experience what FiA and F3 are all about. FNGs can participate, but we ask that they pair up with a FiA/F3 member.

We will need volunteers. Please contact “Nurse Jackie” (F3) or “Shake N Bake” (FiA) if you are interested in volunteering. You will also have the chance to donate even if you can’t participate.

This is going to be awesome! Let’s have fun!

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