ABC Burden Carry

Scrooge 6/27/2020

Weather was HoT and Humid

PAX: BigWorm, Thriller, CDC, AirHead, Yogi, Flo, Boucher, Flanders, SpritFingers, Swan, Dunkin, Tugboat, Zillow, Hope, BillyHo, LittleTony, Foxy

1 lap
Plankarama circle:
Burdens: Give one word describing your struggle i.e. Job, family, frustration, anger, anxiety, unbelief, money, control, fear, pride, lust, negative thoughts, etc

Split into 3 teams (Alpha – Bravo – Charlie)
Each team carrying 3 burdens (sandbag, kettlebell, medicine ball) alternating with team members as needed…

Mission 1 – mosey to TKA parking lot
“F3 is like a Starfish. It is only as strong as its appendages. No one man is in the center. So in light of that we will bear the burdens of the entire starfish.”
◦ 100 yard dash with 4 stations : 25 merkins, 50 squats, 75 mtn climbers, 100 SSH
“You guys are capable of at least 10-20x what you think you are….So We Train to Embrace the suck by choosing the harder thing AND DO A 2nd round”
◦ Rinse and repeat 100 yard dash with 4 stations: 25 merkins, 50 squats, 75 mtn climbers, 100 SSH
Gather burdens and mosey back to Scrooge parking lot

Mission 2 – Scrooge playground
“Shield Lock: A community of men locked in arms is stronger than the individual to both protect and serve one another and the community. As we lock arms let’s remember we need to watch our brothers six and hold each other Accountable”
◦ Burpee / Squat Pyramid 1-10-1 ⛰

Mosey to Ebenezer church speed bumps between youth house and church

Mission 3 – Ebenezer ⛪️
“Through Daily Discipline, Drive and Determination you can overcome…our burdens discussed during plankorama…
“A warrior learns to realize that everything is impermanent. Change is perpetual. And the only thing we can control is our own ability to maintain a proper mental and emotional state around what’s happening”
◦ Round of 11s HRMerkins – BBsitups

Mosey back to Scrooge and circle up in parking lot:
◦ 100 Knee to elbow


-Prayers for injured/recovering PAX, spouses, family, friends, coworkers and our country

-Be on the lookout for upcoming email(s) with content reflecting F3 Florence announcements

-Create/Join Twitter if you haven’t, just to follow F3 and PAX general info if nothing else

FoXy 🦊

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