Black Ops – Mind eraser… wait…. what happened?!?!?

The Scene: Little muggy, but not too bad

QIC: Cinnamon took Rumble / Wee Man took Scrooge

Pax: R:CDC, Booger, Dunkin, Yogi, Cinnamon / S:Foxy, Big Worm, Thriller, Boucher, Tug Boat, Kimchi, Wee Man

Disclaimer: Was given and waivers signed….


SSH – 11 in cadence, Imperial Walker – 11 in cadence, Hillbillies- 11 in cadence, Cherry Pickers – 11 in cadence, Arm circles fwd / backward – 11 in cadence, Merkin – 11 in cadence

The Thang:

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 7.43.24 AM

GORUCK Cadre Rooney passed away from pancreatic cancer April 3, 2019. A GRT posted a ruck workout to show support for his family and raise awareness. Today, YHC’s modified the workout to fit our time constraints.

1/2 mile mosey, 76 mountain climbers (75 1/2 each leg), 76 squats OYO.

1/2 mile mosey, 76 flutter kicks (75 1/2 each leg), 76 overhead claps

1/2 mile mosey

Scramble for AO’s – R: 75 Squats, 75 Overhead Claps / S: Run another 1/2 for the Ranger in the Sky.

Mary: 10 burpees OYO, 21 LBC’s, 11 4-count flutter kicks, 11 Rosalitas / R: 11 Merking – S: 10 Monkey Humpers & 10 Pickle Pounder for all the PAX that Fartsacked….


  • Belding Shoulder
  • Swan’s M’s shoulder
  • Band Aid hip
  • Zumba feet
  • PAX hurting!
  • Our Community
  • Tug Boat led the BoM prayer at Scrooge! Cinny for Rumble.


  • ONLY 12 PAX posted at our 2 AO’s today.
  • Let’s EH some brothers to show up Wednesday for Spirit Fingers and Banjo.
  • Call or Text them don’t just @ them on messenger.
  • Nurse Jackie is planning an Epic 4th of July Convergence so be there!!!
  • F3 Florence Ruck Club is planning a One Team One Fight Ruck for our community and would love any additional thoughts. Get with Cinnamon if you want to join in.
  • There is a team working on a Fall CSAUP for 10/17/2020.
  • There is a team doing the Ville to Ville Extreme in Late September.
  • Get with Cinnamon if you want to join in on the GORUCK tough for 9/11 and Mog Mile 10/3


This workout was created when Cadre Roony was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. GORUCK worked with him to put this WOD together so that you can complete this virtual WOD in support of Cadre Roony. Cadre Roony passed away on April 3rd, 2019 after his battle with pancreatic cancer. More info can be found at the GoFundMe page created for him.

SYITG, Cinnamon & Wee Man


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