No running, except after every set of reps.


Beautiful morning with just the right amount a chill.

QIC: Pinto

Pax: Belding (respect), big worm, Thriller (respect), Ginger, Clarice, Tugboat, Banjo, Screech.

Warm-up: 10 ic
Little arm circles
Forward claps
Overhead claps
Through the tunnel
Imperial walkers
2 laps around the yard

The thang: In the parking lot
Reps and run. Do the number of reps for each exercise from 5 to 20 with a lap around the parking lot after each 5 to 20 rep exercise.
(5 run 10 run 15 run 20 run)
Side straddle hop
4ct Flutter kicks
4ct mountain climbers
Jump squats
2ct high plank toe taps

10 pullups
20 dips
10 box jumps
20 decline merkins

Prayer: Ginger

Thanks for the workout men. Glad to see Tugboat didn’t fartsack after our anniversary convergence and decided to be a part of the gloom. But what was definitely

sunset men sunrise jogging
Photo by Pixabay on

shocking was Clarice was there. You know. The guy that only makes appearance on run days. He’s got a pretty interesting challenge that he’s starting so be sure to ask about it and encourage him on his progress.

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