Grease the Groove

When: 06/01/20, 05:30-06:15AM

Area of Operation (AO): RUMBLE a.k.a Royall Elementary School

QIC: Paycheck

The Pax: Yogi, Wee Man, Swiper, Dunkin’, CDC, Bridesmaid, Booger

Conditions: 65°F, no humidity, clear…a great day for ‘ACCELERATION’



Little Arm Circles:  Forward x 10 in cadence; Backwards x 10 In Cadence (IC)

Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC

Low, Slow Prisoner Squat x 10 IC

Mosey to Planters

Incline Merkins x 10 In Cadence

Planter Box Jumps x 10 IC

Incline Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Friendly Hello to the Late-Comers Who Shall Not Be Named, Thank You For Coming, Glad to Have You Here; Better Late Than Fartsack!

Side Straddle Hops x 20 In Cadence 

Low, Slow Prisoner Squats x 10 In Cadence

Imperial Walkers x 10 In Cadence

The Thang:

-Mosey to The Stop Sign, place wagers on how long Monkey’s leftover Custom F3 Politics-&-Real-Estate-Style Race Arrow Sign pointing to Rumble will last before being taken. Also wonder what leftover political candidate/real estate sign he painted over. Also wonder where he was on such a fine morning. We think working at the beach maybe. We should call him.

-Mosey to the granite, choose a boulder. On your 6. American Hammers x 10 (hold granite sitting, rotate left, rotate right).

After many audibles, since the IQ Test of how to do a Granite Indian Run Style March required excessive modification…

-Overhead carry to the flag pole.

-Plank for the 6. (Side Note: Yogi solved the problem extremely quickly: have two men not carrying a boulder to allow for the man at the back of the Indian Run to do 5 burpees and catch up to the front.  He now also answers to his secondary F3 Name:  Rain Man)

-10 Stability Merkins (1 hand on boulder; 1 hand on ground; 5 each hand). 

-Granite Lunges to the grassy corner of the property.

-Rock Throws! 

-Pick up the granite, hurl it. Repeat. (3 minutes)

-Flutter Kicks x 20, in cadence

-Pick up the granite. Hurl it OR Drop it behind shoulder (2 minutes)

-Granite Indian Ruck. Man at the back Run to the front. Overhead carry as much as possible; modify as needed.

-Deadlift to Curl to Press x 5. 

-Return rock.

-Mosey to first lightpole, 5 Burpees

-Mosey to next lightpole, 5 Burpees

-Mosey to next lightpole, 10 Merkins

-Mosey to next lightpole

What is that at the fence?!


Each of the last playground fence panels was a dedicated Pain Station.

1-   25 lb kettlebell swings

2-  20 lb dumbell wood choppers

3-  20 lb  dumbbell wood choppers (other direction)

Wood Chopper example: dumbbell at side of Right foot, squatting position, back straight. Left hand is primary lifting hand on dumbell, with arm straight, right hand supports. Swing dumbell up from right foot to over left shoulder, fully extending arm in explosive arm & abdominal movement. Lower back down, keeping back straight and contracting abdominals, into another squat with left arm extended to right foot.

4-  55lb kettlebell bent rows

5-  55lb ruck squats

6-  Cinderblock Curls

7-  Flutter Kicks

8-  The Runner. Run to constantly evolving point on the hill; we’ll settle for anywhere. Run to point on hill, and come back. All men rotate to next station upon return.

-Mosey to light pole.

-Jailbreak to next light pole.

-Mosey to next light pole

-Jailbreak to next light pole

-Mosey to next lightpole

-Jailbreak to Flag pole.

-Side Straddle Hops, in cadence x 20

-Big Arm Circles x 10, reverse

-Low, Slow Prisoner Squats x 5

-Mosey to Launch Pad.

Circle of Trust

Socially-Distanced BOM


It is always an honor to facilitate ‘Acceleration’ unto other men.


This Saturday, June 6, 2020 is a ‘2.0 Workout’, meaning kids are welcome! Come and see what kinds of memories Nurse Jackie will make for the little ones while you all get some exercise.


Stay sharp by picking a category each day below:



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