Real Life VQ – HIM

When: 5/18/20

QIC: Wee Man

The Pax: Belding, Foxy, Booger, Bridesmaid, CDC, Monkey, Hope, Paycheck, Squatter, Dunkin’, Spirit Fingers, Yogi, Wee Man (QIC)

Conditions: 70°F, beautiful gloom

The Thang



Little Arm Circles

Forward x 15 4CT IC

Backwards x 15 4CT IC

Overhead Claps x 15 4CT IC

Hillbillies x 15 4CT IC

Mosey to Right Side lot

BLIMPS (5,10,15,20,25,30) with Run around parking lot inbetween each exercise, plank for the six

Mosey to the back

F3 Gun x 2

Mosey to platforms behind school

10 box jumps OYO

15 dips OYO

10 merkins OYO

Plank for the six

Light poles intervals MARY: run to next light pole and perform exercises OYO: 25 BBS, 25 LBC, 25 LBFC, plank for the six, then 15 Plankjacks 4CT IC

Light pole intervals again: 25 Prisoner Squats OYO, 25 Merkins OUO, plank for the six, then on your six for 25 Flutter kicks 4CT IC, then Protractor

Run lap around the school


Non-BOMish – HOPE with a sweet sweat squeegee


Thank you to all the pax that came out for my VQ. I really appreciate the support!!

I discussed what it meant to be a HIM – High Impact Man. F3 Lexicon for HIM: A Disrupter who is Committed to making forcible contact to strong effect. I heard Booger say it a week or so before my VQ but it got me thinking about the definition. We need to be HIM’s/ Leaders and Q’ing helps build that process.

The traits of a HIM:

H-Humble – puts others before himself, life is not about yourself but others and the pax, finds joy in seeing others prosper. Shows humility.

I – Invests – invests in others, helps them grow, puts time and effort into the cup and doesn’t just take (like stepping up to Q). Reaches out to sad clowns.

M – Mentally Tough – overcomes life’s obstacles with grit and grace, focuses on outcomes and ignores naysayers/distractions.

I briefly mentioned how I saw the traits of a HIM in one of our Pax most recently, but I’ll go into detail here. It’s my backblast, right? It was a real life example and I didn’t even realize what I saw until a month later.

This story is from my perspective. A new F3 member. It doesn’t have background in the history of F3 Florence for frame of reference. It could be missing details but then again, my perception is reality in my analysis, if that makes sense.

My first time meeting Foxy was at a Warpath in February of this year. I just started F3 in January and missed the Jan Warpath so I was pumped to be at February’s. That morning when I showed up at 0520, it was only me and CDC, but then a truck came across the parking lot and it turned out to be Foxy for his first time back in a while. I remember CDC saying, “Is that Foxy?! Wee Man you’re in for a treat.” (Or something to that effect). Unfortunately, I thought I could see the slight disappointment in his face about the number of pax present. My guess is that he left a while back when F3 was at its peak, but now, back with a reprise, only three Pax showed up for Warpath. Was it raining? Slightly. Cold? Chilly. Enough to keep men inside? Absolutely not. I was wearing shorts and a shortsleeved shirt, so definitely do-able. I imagine it was the same feeling of going back to an place where you spent a lot of time during your childhood or adult life and you revisit with the assumption it’s going to be the same as when you left. It wasn’t the same. Where were the committed men that meet in all weather, to better themselves and motivate others? Had most become a sad clowns and gave up?

Foxy took it on himself to Q March’s Warpath and tie it in to F3MentalBattle. He reached out to multiple pax directly and encouraged others to do the same, created a Facebook event page, had wristbands made up for the event, and always got a commitment in person from pax he saw leading up to the day. In weeks leading up, he would tell other pax during Bootcamps, “There will be 30 people at March Warpath…” the response by active members was usually surprise, and I even heard one say, “no way, I bet only 8 show up…max.”

Then in a week or two into March, as you know, Coronavirus hit US, COVID-19. Pandemic and panic struck and governors were limiting group sizes. Other F3 regions were suspending workouts until further notice.

That foggy morning on March 18th, 32 pax showed up. It would be the last official live workout for 6 weeks and the largest F3 Florence event that I’ve been to so far.

This story is to show you what we are able to accomplish if we focus, think about others, stop using this as a free workout, give back by putting in hard work reaching out to brothers and sad clowns by not just tagging them in a thread, but actually call/message directly/meet in person. We could can reach a lot of men who are lost and need brotherhood. I encourage you, brothers, to contact and reach as many as possible. You cant force people to attend, but you can show your love, encouragement, and a spirit of concern.

BTB – Be the Beacon.

Wee Man out!


6th year Anniversary Convergence!

Where: Ebenezer Park
842 S Ebenezer Rd, Florence, SC 29501

Time: 7am with 5:30am pre-ruck

We will be socially distanced, of course.h

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  1. Great backblast, glad to call you a brother! 🦊


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