21 Block Street

21 Block Street

The Scene: Cool like the other side of the pillow many PAX decided to choose instead of the workout, and Breezy

The PAX: Flanders, Belding, Thriller, Nurse Jackie, Booger, Wee Man, Sprit Fingers, Thunderbird, Squatter, Ginger, Little Tony, Shuttlecock, BreadStick, Jefferson, Dipstick

QIC: Dipstick

Start by grabbing your block or pill and head to Hoppas yard so there is plenty of safe distance between each PAX

21 Freddy Mercuries IC
21 Arm Circles IC
21 Reverse Arm Circles IC
21 Over head claps
21 Front claps
21 Plank crunches (each leg) OYO plank for the 6

The Thang

AMRAP 40 mins

21 Merkins – 10 hands on the block
11 feet on the block
21 Goblet Squats with the block
21 Block Curls
21 Flutter kicks holding up block each leg
21 King Makers/Burpees – 11 King Makers
10 Burpees
21 Block Dips
21 Calf Raises holding the block
1 Lap around Hoppas yard with the block


Global 6k for Water run/ruck/walk will be held next Saturday starting at Rumble after the workout or at 0815 for those choosing the easier option and not workout prior. It is not too late to sign up!! Sign up by the 11th to get packet before the race. Let’s get more than 20!! #noexcuses

BOM and Pledge (social distanced)

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